VZW Petition to Ditch Contracts Nears 100k; Verizon Offers Expensive Payment Plans

What your saying is basically whether I'm on wifi at home or vzw on my phone I'm using the same provider then make the limits similar regardless.

VZW was paying Comcast $3.30 a few years ago per subscriber according to an article I saw a while back. Comcast's retail non-promo/non-bundled 20mbps service is @ $50/mo. Do you need the rest spelled out for you?

VZW is not in the business of providing handouts to customers. They deliver quality service and charge a fair price. If someone else provided better value - if VZW didn't "take care of their customers" - they wouldn't be as successful as they are.
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Ill tell you this... my cell service/phone is no where near my most expensive toy! Ha
Neither is it mine, but most of my other expensive devices/services I really feel justified by if I sit down and think about it. The phone side of things is ridiculous.

Whoa, settle down Mission, you wanna fight? :p

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Snap, found the long version too:
Back on topic please.
This topic isn't about the merits of capitalism, socialism or any other ism.
While some will agree and some will disagree with Verizon's methods of doing business ,by being discussed at length of individual opinions is only coming across as argumentative and borderline insulting to some members.
Keep it tactful, keep it respectful and keep it on topic.

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This petition should be extended to include att and sprint . There is a better chance of getting this going if we can get this going on multiple carriers so the others follow along to keep from losing customers.

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