VX6800 to droid


Nov 16, 2009
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Hey guys,

Just ordered my droid on thursday night, overnight shipping says it should be in tomorrow..

Just wondering if anyone previous to getting their droid was using a VX6800, what major differences do you notice between the two. I know the phone sliding the other way might take a bunch of getting used to for me..

Any easy way of getting my contacts to the droid from the 6800?

Also, I see that you can use your voice to do google search, can you use this technology to send text messages, such as if your driving or something?

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If you can export your contacts out as a .csv file or .vcf file, you can import that file into your google contacts and it updates live to your phone. That's how I did it from my VX8300 to my Droid. I used bitpim to pull everything off my old phone and back it up then saved all my contacts off as one big .vcf file that imported right into my gmail account.
If you go to the store they can transfer your contacts for you. If you sync your contacts to outlook you can export them to a csv file, upload to your gmail account, so when you sign into your gmail account on your phone, your contacts will sync.

I absolutley loved my XV6800, but the droids hardware is far advanced. Being a hard core WM user, I find it easy to abandon the MS ship and jump to android.
Hey. I went from a vx6800 to the droid. Big difference in the 2. I found the best case for my Droid was the soft cloth case that came with the HTC. You'll find the Droid to be everything you hoped the 6800 was when you first bought it....only to be disappointed in winblows mobile.
I guess the thing that concerns me, is I dont want my gmail syncing with my phone contacts.. Same thing will come with facebook.. I dont want facebook numbers finding their way in my phone, as many of my fb friends I dont even text or call.. I would hate for my outlook or phone to end up with each other mixed in it...
I missed using the note pad to scribble on. Had been using bugme for years. Missed the whole windows OS but that said I am loving the Droid.
I consider my time with a 6800 training for Droid use! I feel like I'm a pro on the mini keyboard now. The opposite slide thing gets me everytime though.
I'm about to make the same leap, as well. After using the Droid for a while, do any of you have any regrets or real disappointments from the switch from the 6800? As far as the notepad feature, which I enjoy as well, is there any apps for that in the MP?

Thanks in advance!
I havent had many issues since the switch.. theres a slight learning curve, that you will get with any switch, but I got used to it right away.. One major difference I have noticed, but so far it hasnt been a concern for me to figure out how, is with the 6800, you could go to explore to browse through different folders and such, whereas I dont know of the same sort with droid. I am sure theres a way, but I dont really have the need to know it now.. Everything I did previously on my 6800, I have found a way to do on my droid, so I am happy..
From XV6700-XV6800-Droid

I was a die hard XVwhatever user. I loved my phones. I decided to get the Droid as I had it with Microsoft. Mobile or otherwise I was ready for an Iphone. I got the Droid on a trial period and don't have any intention of giving it up. Give it up? For what? The Droid is the best phone I have ever used by far.

Whatever problems you have with the Droid..."there's an app for that".
What was the easiest way to get your contacts off the 6800 onto the Droid without syncing with Outlook on my PC? I just want the contacts on the 6800 transfered to the Droid, not all my email contacts from my PC.