Voice Search - Navigate to Contact


Nov 23, 2009
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Upstate, NY
Maybe I am just not using the right words. I have been very successful at navigating to a place by long pressing the search key and saying, "Navigate to Target". However, if I want to navigate to a contact in my phone, I have tried saying, "Navigate to Bob Johnson, Home" to no luck. I tried, "Navigate to Contact, Bob Johnson, Home" and nothing.

I have contacts selected in the Search settings, and if I short press the search key and type a name, the contact comes up.

It just seems like it takes a lot of key strokes to navigate to a contact's address.

I know that you can make a shortcut to directions. I also know that you can tap on someones picture and pull up their address in Maps.

Any ideas?
I am pretty sure the Google does not navigate to contacts. I have never got it to work and seems I've seen other posts complaining about this as well. I use Nav Launcher, free from the market. It works great and integrates with Google navigation quite well. Give it a shot
One more nice piece handled by the market that SHOULD have been in the released product. :icon_ banana:
Google Maps Navigation is a beta app. There are other GPS nav apps with better feature sets if you need such features now.