Visual Voicemail won't leave me alone

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Jul 20, 2013
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VZW Galaxy Note 3, the phone just got a push update from VZW... they call it "SM-900V_MJE_to_NC4." Not sure what that translates to... an OS update or something else. Phone is running 4.4.2. I don't know what it was running before the update... I just got the phone.

Anyway, after the update, there was an item in my notification that said something like "Voicemail update." When I clicked it, it took me to a "Visual Voicemail" setup that told me I had to re-setup my voicemail. It provided 2 buttons-- a "go to voicemail" which just dialed out *86 and connected me to my standard VM, which worked fine and unchanged (including a few saved VMs that were still on the system from a few days prior). The other button was something like "set up visual voicemail." I don't want that. So... I just clicked back out of the setup wizard. However, it keeps hounding me with new entries in the notification tray. I clear it, and it returns a few hours later. If I click the "set up visual voicemail" button, it tells me I have the "advanced" feature blocked on my VZW account (because I don't want to get roped into add-on services). I want it to quit annoying me and go away. Suggestions.
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