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Aug 8, 2010
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I'm a huge gamer. Instead of using a Video Capture Card for my laptop/TV, I want to bypass the laptop and go straight to my new DROID-X. In other words, I want to be playing my xbox 360, hit "record" on my droid as if it were in video camera mode, then stop it and save it onto the phone. The micro-HDMI cable only allows for video playback onto an HDTV, but I want the reverse...

I've asked a few websites Tech Support people and they "think" its possible but "dont carry the cable/equipment necessary"...

Does anyone understand what I am trying to do and if so, can you give me any information on it?
I dont think its possible. The only way I could see you being able to do it is if you could video in the game into the phone and then video out from the phone to the tv. Theres only one micro hdmi port on there. Theres better solutions for what you want to do.
The only thing you can do is buy a portable capture card but unless it has and SD Card slot or supports a usb mounting format compatible with USB2go then you'd still need another computer.

The only way to let's play from android phones for now is to record your phone screen and play android games.

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