DROIDX record stuff on TV with HDMI input?


May 14, 2011
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Now, i want to start recording games that i play on my game consoles. i would prefer to find a way with my droid, rather than using a camera or stuff. now, there are people who take cameras and use splitters on the AV plug in, such as the links in the bottom, where it explains how. now, could i use the HDMI or the usb plug in, get an adapter and do the same? personally, i feel like my grandma, not knowing what something is. but im 16 and the only thing i dont know about my droid is, what the hell is an HDMI input? thanks for reading, links below.

[video=youtube;SnWVlkf7SK0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_89800&v=SnWVlkf7SK0&feature=iv]YouTube - ‪How To Record Xbox 360 and PS3 Game Play With Amazing Quality‬‏[/video]

[video=youtube;LFMI01GGNas]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFMI01GGNas]YouTube - ‪How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay Without a Capture Card‬‏[/video]
Can't say with 100% certainty but I doubt it. I suspect HDMI on your device is output only. AV plugs and USB aren't relevant unless your device supports video input on these connections. Just because someone can use an AV input doesn't mean that you have an HDMI input or can capture via HDMI. AV inputs are generally analog. HDMI is digital and may or may not have DRM.
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I've tried playing movies on my DX from a DVD player with HDMI cable it didn't work. Recording probably wont work unless there is some kind of app on the market for that?

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ahh, i see. well, doesnt seem to be much more hope. do you know if the head phone jack is also an AV? or is AV the small little plugin that i never knew when i was a wee child?