Great Android "How To" Videos for Newbies


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Nov 24, 2009
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Thanks to Google's Nexus One Youtube Channel there are now some excellent "How To" videos for the basic functions of Android OS.

These are specific to the Nexus One and 2.1 but will give excellent help to anyone with an Android Phone and older OS.

Setting up Your Android Phone


Using your Android Phone (Phone calls and Phone Contacts)


Contacts on your Android Phone


Using "The Market" on your Android Phone


Using Search on your Android Phone


Gmail on your Android Phone


YouTube on your Android Phone


Using the Camera and Gallery(2.1 Version) on your Android Phone


Google Maps on your Android Phone


Google Voice (optional) on your Android Phone


Using Voice input on your Android Phone (2.1 only)


Customizing your Android Phone


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I think its very nice of you to post these here for people; but I honestly believe that anyone who gets anything out of these videos probably should stick to a flip phone. If people learn from these videos I think they will get overly frustrated with the phone as they start to "customize" it.
You would be surprised how many times I have seen people who haven't had a place to easily learn some of these basics. I see questions here all the time asking for info that is in these basic videos.

BTW, I came from a Flip-phone and we all have to learn somewhere.