Vibration problem

Mspampi, I too am having the same problem and after have 4 Droid 4s, I am as sick of refurbs as the next guy. Would you be able to tell us what size torx bits you used to remove the outer case? (I understand you only have to remove the outer cover to gain access to the vibrator.) So all you did was apply the oil to the axles between the weights?

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Okay, answering my own questions from before... upon opening up the phone using a T-5 Torx bit and a bit of patience, I got access to the vibrator motor. However now after attempting to lubricate it with 3-n-1 small motor oil, I find myself in the same boat. My only guess is that the oil was either too thick, or not penetrant enough. Anyone have any suggestions regarding what kind of oil to use?
badjwl, I am really glad you found the exact torx bit and opening the phone without issue! I have a Husky multi-size torx driver with many sizes in the handle, and did not remember which # exactly. As I originally stated, the oil I used was X-acto, and can be found in hobby stores. It has a needle which makes application simple and never messy. Here is an example ( Also, after application to both sides of the motor, I slightly moved the spindle back and fourth, and then sat the phone sideways to allow the oil to trickle into the motor one-way or another. After the night passed it was working perfectly thereafter. :happy3:
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