Verizon HTC One How To Flash TWRP or CWMR


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have already unlocked your bootloader then you are ready to install a custom recovery. Thanks to developer "Flyhalf205" we already have custom recovery images to flash via fastboot!

Download TWRP here: [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [08/22/2013] - xda-developers (to your PC)
Download CWMR here: [RECOVERY] CWM Touch Recovery [08/22/2013] - xda-developers (to your PC)

To Install a custom Recovery:

Step 1: Unlock your phone at
Step 2: Boot phone into fastboot (Power + Volume Down)
Step 3: Open command prompt in folder with your recovery image and adb/fastboot files
Step 4: Enter Command; fastboot flash recovery (name of recovery)
Step 5: Boot back into Hboot and select recovery

Proceed to Root! (download to your phone and flash it in recovery)
I wonder if you could install TWRP under Settings in GooMananger.
One more reason for me to leave the Droid line. I just may pick this up today!
FYI Install this HTC Transfer Tool on your old phone to move your content to your new HTC phone. ALSO.. For those saying it does not work... Watch the tutorial on the play store. You don't open the app on your new device. .As the HTC 1 one does not have a micro sd slot,this app saved a lot of messing around.
Took a long time to transfer music and video but I did have quite a bit and my old (HTC Rezound) phone may have been a bit slow.
Please help

Can someone please send me directions with twrp download I need to install on rooted HTC One/Verizon Rooted with rumrunners