Custom Recovery and Root For The HTC One M8!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Before you read any further know that custom recovery nor root are available for the Verizon variant of the HTC One M8, that being said custom recovery and root are now available for pretty much every other version of the HTC One M8! For those unfamiliar with custom recovery, it allows you to flash custom roms and other mods like root to your device. You can also wipe all data and do full backups of your device. TWRP has been made available for the M8 by developer "mike1986". In order to install this recovery you will first need to visit and unlock your bootloader. If you are unable to do this then you will not be able to install a custom recovery to your device for now. Once the bootloader is unlocked you will need to go into settings and uncheck the fastboot options, next you will turn off your phone, then boot into HBOOT, then boot into fastboot, rename the downloaded file to recovery.img, then you will need to type commands "fastboot erase cache", then "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" from adb on your PC. Once you have installed TWRP you will be able to install the Head to the link below for the download links.

via XDA
You're still surprised by this? Lol

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Not really. But I sure was hoping that the HTC dev site would be able to unlock it for a few hours until Verizon complained and made them turn it off. Oh well. I'll be happy if I can get it rooted and run Xposed on it.
There is a bounty for the Vzw version going on at xda. Apparently people are already at work on s-off

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Wow, that was fast. Glad I'm going to be upgrading to this device soon. With Knox on the Note 3, I never unlocked the bootloader. Was a good thing because mine died a few weeks ago and they (TMobile) had to replace it. It booted up but the wifi stopped working so they would have seen it was unlocked and who knows, may have voided the warranty or the JUMP program warrany or something stupid like that. This device, since you can unlock it from, I may do on day one.
i have been refreshing my browser on the xda thread non stop. I can't wait for S-Off on this device. I think CM11 is going to be sweet on the M8!