How To Root Your LG G Watch R


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Oct 6, 2011
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Why do you need to root your LG G Watch R. Obviously all the things need to be rooted! With super user permission you can mod your device and add functionality that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to add. Root and TWRP are now available for the LG G Watch R. To root you will need a bit of adb knowledge and the adb and fastboot files setup on your PC.

-Turn On ADB mode on watch by tapping build number 7xs under about
-Plug Watch into PC usb and accept PC fingerprint (check always allow, and click ok)
-Open a command prompt inside the folder where your ADB and fastboot files are
enter command "adb reboot bootloader"
-you are now in fastboot mode
enter command "fastboot oem unlock" (this wipes data) follow prompts to unlock bootloader
-Setup watch after initial reboot (DO NOT SKIP)
enter command "abd reboot bootloader"
-Flash TWRP recovery be sure that the file is in the same file as your fastboot files
enter command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" (replace recover.img with the actual name of the recovery file)
-Grab latest file and place it in same folder as ADB files
enter command "adb push /sdcard/ (replace with the actual file name of supersu)
enter command "adb reboot recovery"
-Use TWRP to install from sdcard