Verizon Goes From Evil Maniac To Perfect Angel, Kills Throttling UDP, Instead announces Double Data

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It's really a matter of preference and your budget in a big city like LA, as both should offer excellent coverage. Good luck with your decision.

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Yes, that is correct.
The more I think about this the more I just want to walk away. We pay a ridiculous amount of money a year, and as others have said elsewhere, most of us were generally forced into Unlimited Data to begin with. The original tiered plans a few years ago were so paltry for the money that it only made sense to pay $10 or so more per month to have it. Now they've gone the opposite direction and are trying to force everyone to tiered data, and were planning to throttle those who have unlimited and they consider "excessive" users.

Unlimited is unlimited. AT&T tried this back in the day, giving people "unlimited" texting, then charging them if they went over 1000 or so texts, when it cost them almost nothing to process texts even back then. I absolutely despise the way VZ has continued to handle its customers as a whole, and the worst part of it is that it is only a few individuals at the top who make these decisions. I never get bad service from reps, or tech support, but the company as it stands absolutely pisses me off to no end, knowing that I am funneling money into it. Everyone likes being successful, and companies need to be successful to thrive, but every year it becomes clearer and clearer that all VZ's top execs give two craps about is the bottom line. Further, even if I buy phones from them and something goes wrong, I have to hope that if I've made tweaks that I can take everything back to stock before sending said device in despite the failure simply being a result of issues with the device itself. Heck, you technically void your warranty through VZ simply by getting rid of the horrid bloat they pack Androids with--the stuff is non-existent on Apple devices.

I've gone off on a tangent here, so let me just close by saying that VZ continues to poke the bear for no effing reason, and they suck for it. Not eloquent, but VZ deserves nothing of class in the way I address them. They have gotten worse and worse and worse by the year; better coverage, worse in almost every other regard.
I'm actually in the process of deciding on whether I should go with Verizon or AT&T? I'm in Los Angeles. Any suggestions?
In the past AT&T had great reception in bigger markets and cities but HORRID congestion, resulting in terrible overall experiences. Over the last couple of years while Verizon rested on its laurels, AT&T had made huge strides in alleviating congestion all across the nation while expanding into more rural areas at the same time.

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