Verizon and Redbox Team-Up to Take on Netflix with their own Streaming Service

I remember when they first started trying to do this, but I don't know that they still do? Do they...? I go to the RedBox machine once in a great while. I've got enough streaming services with better selection than I think RB ever had.
I used to use Redbox pretty regularly but there's just not that much out there that we as a family are interested in anymore . Add in On Demand at home and the public library, with its thousands of movies and we go there at least once a week anyway, and we just don't rent movies anymore. I just cancelled Netflix for pretty much the same reason, we just don't use it. Since the NFL Network wants a huge price hike on Dish and Dish said not this time, I've discovered my tv has an off button. I'd keep it on that channel pretty much for white noise as I read each night and its commercials don't scare or offend my kids like every other adult geared channel of my gazillion choices so while it's off the air (Dish will blink before the greedy NFL I'm sure and my monthly fee will increase at some point) I'm discovering a new white noise in my den called silence.

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Beast Mode 4
I love that Crapple added the ability to remove bloatware
What's a library? ;)
It was a great bar in Tempe az.

We have one here in SDiego too, it was a great hangout in college... Just tell mom or the GF, I'm gonna be in the library... ;)