Unthread Group Text Messages! Phone numbers go to multiple recipients!


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Oct 4, 2011
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When I send a pictures/MMS message to multiple recipients at one time, they all can see everyone's number that I'm sending the message to. Some people will respond and the their response goes to everyone which cause me to recieve a call from one of my contacts asking who is this person that they know nothing of.

Can you send a picture/MMS and have the option to unthread the message? You can do this with standard text messages by going to message settings and then to Thread group conversations and turn it off. This works perfectly for standard text messages as it will send a seperate message to each individual contact you selected when chosing multiple contacts. If this same option would work for picture/MMS messages that would resolve my problem. Is there an after market application that will do this? If not, can this request be placed on the development table for a future enhancement? MMS messages sent to multiple contacts should have an option to work with the same like functionality as blind copy (BCC) does when sending email.

Please help!

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I am not happy with my MMS. I chose 3 people to send a text message to. They did not receive it until 12 hours later. All three got it late. I also do not want them to see that I am sending the same thing to others. Wonder if this can be changed or improved?
Have you looked at alternatives like textPlus, TextFree or Google Voice to send text messages? e.g. I believe you can send pics with textPlus messages.

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