group texting issue


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Jan 27, 2012
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I am relatively new to the Bionic. I group text a lot. On my old phone (iPhone4) it was no issue, regardless of the recipients or devices. On the Bionic, it works with some and only partially with others. I have not been able to pin point the rhyme or reason and was curious if anyone else had experiences with this, and a fix? When it only works partially I am able to send messages and everyone receives them from me. The group is able to reply but everyone but me sees the replies. It is weird. I have a friend with a Bionic and if he generates a group text to the same recipients, it works fine. I can group text others.

I searched for fixes and only turned up alternatives. I did not want to have the recipients have to down load any apps, so I landed on GroupMe which works, but the recipients see a different phone number than mine. My name appears, so they do know it is from me. If I send a pic, rather than it just appearing in the message thread, they have a link to follow to retrieve the pic. Ultimately, GroupMe does work as an alternative, but ideally, I would be able to group text with the default app on the phone.

not sure what info would be helpful but here is some:

I am up to date on system updates
system version: 5.5.893.xt875
android version: 2.3.4

Thanks for any help/advice/tips