Can I get rid of that Multiple Recipients thing


May 23, 2010
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P-Cola FL
I can't tell what's going on. Either every previous number from a forwarded message, or every number listed in a text message is given to me as Multiple Recipients.

So, rather than the text from my friend being grouped with other messages from my friend, it creates a new thread with his little picture in the corner along with 3 other gray faceless "contact" icons surrounding it all Brady Bunch style, with their numbers.

Can I fix that? I don't care about any of those other numbers. If I did, they'd be in my contacts. I want that forward to be grouped with my friend's messages.
If you find a way to turn it off please post which &a where the setting is because I would like to have that feature turned on on my Droid2: I know it can be done on a Droid Bionic. I'd like to see all the recipients of a message sent to me just like email (if it isn't blind carbon copied) so I don' forward a person that is a mutual contact the same txt.