It's been recommended not to download UD from Rom Manager anyway. have you tried installing it by way of Nandroid restore?
Not really, but you can get it through Rom Manager. There is an existent guide, but I wrote a long thing earlier today that I'm gonna copy and paste here. Do you ahve anything on your phone that you really need to keep? I ask for the sake of time.
and nothing on my phone that i cant get back so im all good
i used dm updater then installed the update i found on droid life
i have 2.1 update 1 right now

Okay then I am like 99.9% positive those update.zip root files will not work on 2.1, they worked for 2.0.1 but you need to do it manually for 2.1...

If you have the Android SDK installed on your computer and working adb connection that has root access, let me know and I can give you the 2 files you need to get root access on your phone and the commands to type in adb shell to get the files on your phone.
not shur what adb is but i have the android sdk now