Unroot with a Phantom/Dead Screen


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Feb 16, 2011
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Hi all,

My Droid 2 phantom screen problem hasn't stopped and now has gotten even worse. (Back, option and home buttons don't work, half of the screen is dead) And now, I can't even get past the lock screen!

So today I got a replacement from VZW (super fast shipping!) but I need to figure out how to remove any traces of rooting my old phone WITHOUT using the phone screen. I used Z4root initially and when I tried to unroot it, the Z4root app didn't have an "Unroot" button. It only had the "Root" button. I still get asked for Superuser permissions and the Superuser Icon is still in my app drawer. (When my phone wasn't dialing everyone in known existance for an hour or so, I checked this)

Quick Facts
  • Restored phone multiple times to get it to behave
  • Issue is 3 weeks old
  • Only time phone will minimally cooperate is 6+ hour battery pulls
  • Just figured out that 50% of screen won't respond to touch.

So if anyone has a SIMPLE way from computer and USB that I can use and be sure my phone is 110% stock, I will love you forever!