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Jul 16, 2010
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Fort Worth, TX
I've been on a Droid 1, rooted, and recently coming over to the Dinc. I wanna get rooted. My question is do I need to go through the unrevoked process AND the unrevoked forever process? Thanks!!!
Just run the unrevoked tool. It includes forever now.
Just run the unrevoked tool. It includes forever now.

Then i'm done. Thanks! Looking forward to playing around on a rooted Dinc! I had a blast with my D1!!!

You'll find that your rooted Dinc is every bit as easy to customize as the D1 was. I have both phones and love both of them equally. :):)

Ok, so just got the DI for the wife and am trying to root using the unrevoked method, followed instructions on getting the "hdboot" drivers installed and uninstalled "HTC Sync", but left the HTC drivers installed as posted. Now when I run the Unrevoked tool, I get the "failed to load recovery" error and then it terminates. USB connection is set to "charge only" and debugging is on.

Am I missing something?

Any suggestions as I'm used to working with my DX and don't like the terminal method of rooting.

UPDATE: NM, figured it out.
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Unrevoked 3.21 is a breeze to use, I had my phone rooted the day 3.21 was released.

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