Unresponsive Screen after a phone call or after screen goes off


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Apr 26, 2010
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Hey everyone, I need some help big time. My phone is unusable. When making a phone call, I cannot hang up and the phone becomes completely unresponsive. The only thing I can do is to pull the battery.
Definitely related is that once the screen goes off after I've initially turned the phone on I cannot unlock the screen...it is completely unresponsive. Again, all I can do is pull the battery and restart my phone. It's basically a one-use phone.

I have done a hard reset, clearing all data and restoring to factory defaults. What else can I do to fix this? I have not rooted nor done anything funky to my phone. I did nothing different than general use to cause this problem.
Sounds to me like the proximity sensor has gone wonky, among perhaps other things. I know next to nothing about the Nexus 1, but to me sounds like hardware issue, since the data reset didn't fix it.

Try taking it in for a warranty replacement, I believe there's a one year factory warranty?

good luck
I'm actually fixing a droid, sorry for the confusion in my profile. I spilled water on it about 7 months ago, but it's worked fine since then...therefore no warranty. Thanks for the feedback. Anyone else have an idea of what I can do other than warranty?