Unlock screen changed


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Apr 13, 2011
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Hopefully someone here can help me out here. I've been playing with a few different home applications (Crazy Home, dxTop, Open home 5 & 6) over the past few days.

One of them seems to have changed my unlock screen from the standard pull down with the clock to the iPhone style unlock screen. I was rather comfortable with the stock screen, and changing my default back to the HTC Sense home app had no effect.

Any ideas on how to change the lock screen settings?
Alright folks...sorry, but I just found the culprit. dxTop uses a "lock screen" that looks like that of the iPhone.

from home screen in dxTop - "menu>dxTop>Standard options>Look and Feel> select Lock Screen off

Stock slider has returned.

I searched the net for days over this, so maybe this will help someone else out.