Screen will not unlock to receive a call


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Mar 9, 2011
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Please forgive me if I don't use the correct terms for this forum. I am new to smart phones.
Here is my issue as well as I can explain it.
The phone (HTC Incredible) goes blank (asleep I suppose) after 1 minute. I see that that can be changed. There is no password or pattern set to unlock it as of yet. I press the power button and it awakens and I scroll down the screen to unlock it to the Home screen. Now, after approx. 30 mins. or later when the phone is blank and if I receive a call, I have to scroll the screen down to unlock it. However, the screen will NOT unlock! It will only unlock until the call or ringing has stopped and the message goes to my voice mail (Verizon). Now, IF the phone has been locked or blank for around 5 mins. or so and I receive a call, I can unlock the screen by dragging it down and answer the call. Weird! I have replaced the phone since and the replacement phone (came today) is doing the same thing! The new phone has no added apps...just the factory defaults. Can anyone help me with this? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your support.