uninstalling and reinstalling apps issue


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Aug 10, 2012
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so ive got an htc one-x and ive had random issues with uninstalling an app then later reinstalling it. basically it says cannot reinstall app because of "insufficient space" but i know for a fact there is enough space and other apps install just fine.

for example my advance task killer was having issues and for some reason even on a reboot it would not open properly. so i uninstalled the app and immediately tried to reinstall it via the google play store, and thats when i get the insufficient space error. then afterwards i successfully install soundhound no problem immediately try and install atk with the same results.

now ive had this issue before and i was able to fix it by mounting the root in es file exploring and deleting some left over files in the data folder, but i am unable to locate the left over trash from atk.

any ideas? thanks