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Bear in NM

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Nov 12, 2009
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In my research of this I am not completely sure it is ready for prime time. I am hoping perhaps you or someone has been able to keep track of the current status of this as XDA or here, but last I saw there were some problems with mobile network settings umong other things. And I am not sure if it has been determined whether there is a throttle in place on all users, or only those who reach a certain point of useage. Not trying to be a wet blanket, but if indeed the throttle is only on users who have been targeted by VZW, we might not want everyone to jump into blanket line deletions in the services.jar file. Or at least without a proper understanding of what is happening.

Still, some intersting stuff. I downloaded all the goodies and programs to mod the services.jar myself, but I am still kinda waiting to see how it all shakes out.