Unable to connect Samsung Galaxy Tab to Droid X Tether

I have a thread for an non root method of tethering if u want to take a look at it. Its really easy and uses a work around for the 3g hot spot.

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The latest version of Wifi Tether for Root has a fix so it supports infrastructure mode, FYI.
Others have posted the exact links to the wpa_supplicant link, my bad...

This still stands though:

Give it a shot and good luck, it worked for me; however it is a hassle to have to turn on Wireless Tether every time, and if you cancel the Tab's service you have to pay the $35 activation fee to reactivate the device.

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Again, if you use WiFi tether, you don't need those steps, just download the latest version. It supports infrastructure mode now.
Not to argue, and I might have had something wrong on my end, but did it work for you? I did the wpa_supplicant switch two days ago 1/9 because Wireless Tether wasn't working.

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I bought my Tab when it came out on Nov11 and that replacement supplicant file has worked ever since while tethering to MyWi jailbroken iphone4.

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