UN DOCK behavior


Dec 23, 2010
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have been using kin3tx since it was released and loving it. While not specific to this ROM I would like to request a feature in future theory releases.

When I pull my Bionic from my car dock I don't want the screen to turn on, I want it OFF. I'm getting out of my car, phone is going in my pocket. I hate waiting for the screen to turn on just so I can turn it off and put it in my pocket. If for whatever reason I need the phone as soon as I get out of the car (rarely) I will turn the screen on myself, it's not that hard.

I hate all the automated behaviors ( not ROM specific ). I have been using the autostarts app for example to stop my phone from playing music when bluetooth connects to my car stereo fro example... who wants this feature? It's odd that you need to use an app just to get your phone to act normal and not have a mind of its own.

Kudos for stripping out the stock feature that reads text messages to you when your phone is docked. I urge you to take this kind of thinking a step further. It's not logical.