TWRP Recovery Is Live For The HTC U Ultra


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Oct 6, 2011
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The HTC U Ultra is a great phone. It checks all the boxes when it comes to specs and features. The phablet includes a premium metal and glass build with a shiny symmetrical back. It also features a dual display, 5.7" Super LCD display, Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, 12MP rear camera, 16MP front camera, and a 3,000mah battery. While the phone is a fine phone it hit the market a bit stale. The specs are not ground breaking, and there is nothing on this phone that we have not already seen. It feels like HTC has decided to play it safe with the HTC U Ultra. That being said this is a great option for anyone in the market for a smartphone that can't wait a few weeks for the Galaxy S8 or LG G6.

If you have chosen the U Ultra you will be happy to know that the device now has its own build of TWRP. With the custom recovery you will be able to fully backup and restore your phone. This will also allow you to run a custom version of Android. Head to the link below to grab TWRP for your device.

via XDA