HTC Unveils Their New Flagship The U Ultra.


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Oct 6, 2011
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HTC just announced their all new flagship the U Ultra. The U Ultra kind of has my head scratching. It is not clear if this is meant to replace the HTC 10 or if this will be a new lineup altogether. It is expected that we may still see the next iteration of the HTC 10 at Mobile World Congress. This is however a full fledged flagship device that will set you back $749 unlocked. For the price it is missing quite a few things, but first lets focus on what it actually has.

The phone features an LG V20 like secondary display. The primary display is a 5.7". HTC said they were growing bored of the all metal design and have decided to feature a glass back here. The phone will include 4GB of RAM and their will be 64GB and 128GB versions. The 64GB version features a Gorilla Glass 5 display while the 128GB version will feature a sapphire display. Both versions are sporting the Snapdragon 821 processor which is a bit disappointing this late in that chip's life cycle. The 3,000mah batteries may leave a bit to be desired when it comes to battery life.

Their will be no BoomSound here. Instead the phone will come with USonic headphones in the box. These headphones do work with the BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition technology though and can be plugged in via the phone's USB-C. This will also be the first device to introduce HTC's new artificial intelligence companion "Sense Companion". This will handle notifications, predict battery life and more.

The new phone is lacking a few things I would have liked to have seen from a new flagship including the Snapdragon 835 which we will see in the Galaxy S8 among other devices. I would have expected HTC to cram a larger battery into this larger device. The phone does not feature IP68 water resistance. There is no VR support for the device. If these few things don't bother you you can actually preorder the device today.

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This phone got torn a new port hole on the Verge yesterday. Some of the things they mentioned was no headphone port, small battery, a glass back with no wireless charging and the notification screen.
I just cannot believe that HTC has been and is proud of the crap the have been turning out since the M9.
I'm already tired of glass backs. Bored of "all metal". Oy. Bye bye HTC.

No wireless charging, no water resistance: lame and Lame.
VR and Processor, who cares? Really... processors are faster then they need to be already. No VR? I'm sure cardboard works on it. Some kind of Vive tie in would have been neat, but I really think the Phone VR market is a fad that won't be around much longer.
An HTC flagship phone with a retardedly small battery??!!

Even if it had a ginormous battery they'd find some kind of way to make it super inefficient like they have since Windows Mobile days.

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