HTC's Spring Surprise Is Here! We Are Getting A Sapphire Version Of The U Ultra!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The HTC U Ultra was a bit of a let down. It featured last year specs and had many problems for most. The youtube tech community pretty much slaughtered the device. It's top selling point has to be the camera setup. It actually has a pretty great rear and front facing camera, and the phone has a beautiful slim and glossy design. However it is missing a headphone jack which pretty much no one can stomach on phones at this point. It has a tiny 3000 mah battery for a phone as large as it is. The fingerprint reader is too small and the capacitive buttons that flank the fingerprint reader have too small a contact touch zone making the back and recent buttons difficult to use. This phone also has a steep price tag at $750.

With all the let downs that came with the U Ultra you can see why there was so much excitement surrounding the announcement that we would see a surprise from HTC on March 20th. Some outlets foolishly reported that we may see a new flagship a mere weeks after the U Ultra was announced. Now that the date is here we see that HTC is surprising us with a Sapphire version of the U Ultra. This is actually pretty big news. This will be the first big flagship device to feature a full front display covered in sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is currently the hardest type of glass used on smartphones, and is the most scratch resistant.

via HTC
Ha! When I first read the headline I thought it just meant that HTC was going to a U in Sapphire Blue Color. Now that I see its sapphire glass on the front screen...ok maybe worthy of a news note.