Two weird issues I can't figure out...

There should be a good many available. One of the 3.0 ROM's I run on the Inc2 is based on the Sensation.

I hate to say it but you're issues are the exact reason I will have to have a routable phone to stay with Android. There are simply too many flaws to the stock software a lot of the time and I need the ability to install custom ROM's. The Gingersense ROM I'm running on the Inc2 is a cleaned, deodexed, debloated version of the stock GB update. Whatever the developer of the ROM did, they did it right. The ROM is fast and flawless. Even the 3.0 ROM's I've been running have proven more stable than the stock software the phone gets unrooted.

The good news is I keep hearing that development is continuing on the GB version of the Inc2 and may very well still be hitting. Worst case scenario you can use the XTC Clip to root, just be known the S-OFF is permanent. That's a risk I would be willing to take for a phone that works properly.
Could not agree with you more jk!

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Having the same problems here, just started last night randomly. I was also setting it up my GO launcher. Will try a factory reset. What a PITA. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I am more than willing to root, just wanna wait till it gets easier. lol
I know at least once, maybe twice, I had the issue while I was messing with GO Launcher Themes...
My verison caused same problem

when i did requested update to my verison it caused force close problems and when i went to manage apps and looked at my verison clear data was flashing. after pressing force close it stopped flashing and i was able to clear data and uninstall update. This stopped the force close problems. Talked to verison customer support and they pulled a new dinc 2 out and it had the same problem after update. they said it might be a server problem ?