Two gmail notifications - I only want one!


Jul 8, 2012
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Maryland, USA
I have a Droid Razr Maxx, about two years old. I have a gmail account, and have had no problems getting notifications.

Recently, I took a photo, and wanted to email it to someone. When I tried, I could not get the camera software to understand what I wanted to do. After a bunch of fiddling, I got to the point where I was prompted to enable/install (?!) gmail again, and was able to email the picture. But now I get two notifications whenever I get gmail - one from the "original" gmail (a small white envelope-shaped icon with an "M"), and one from the "new" gmail (a small bluish "@" icon).

I only want the original notification. Mainly because I only get notified when I get email in the "primary", not "social" or "promotions". The "new" notification comes when I receive ANY email. And I would like to disable/discontinue it.

The app with the @ icon is not gmail! That is the email client that can do any email address! When you want to send using gmail, you should select gmail not email! :) you can remove the account out of the other client if you like. But when you click share, there will be a seperate icon for gmail. Good luck!

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No open the @ email app, and in the accounts section, delete the gmail account

Tap'n on my Galaxy S4!