TSA 5% success rate? Say it isn't so


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Dec 23, 2009
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According to reports from The Verge via CNN, TSA have failed to detect weapons 95% of the time. To put numbers behind those percentages basically out of 70 tests they only found weapons 3 times. A 5% success rate would get us fired at our jobs, with all the tech used and heartache they put passengers through you would think it was so they could get it right. Unfortunately they are only getting it right 5% of the time. Before we pile on we do not know what airport the test was accomplished at or if the same group were taking the tests. I know that since the TSA have become the staple of air travel they have become the staple of comedy in our country and the saddest part is the comedy may be the reality.

Source: TSA failed to detect weapons 95 percent of the time in security sting The Verge
I feel so much better about having to get to the airport so much earlier for apparently no reason. Good job!

Maybe the burger flippers and the TSA should swap jobs.
Hey I was watching this story while at the gym....doesn't make me want to jump on a plane...

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That's why I drive :D
Exactly! Went home to visit family last Thanksgiving. Between driving to and from the airport, arriving two hours early coming and going, layovers and flight time, it took us 18 hours each way. (AND we both got sick)
I could have made the drive in 17. Flying used to be enjoyable and quick. Now it's just a major PITA!

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Hmmmmmm..... They are doing a great job of confiscating lighters though.......
Knife? Pass
Gun? Pass
Rocket launcher? Pass
"you, with the lighter! Get down on the ground and step away from your shoes!"
5% success rate? They need to have a huge, extensive party on the tax payers dime to celebrate. No. Wait.
Seriously,5% success rate is probably better than most other government agencies track records. Remember the mobile homes after Katrina? 0% formaldehyde free. Debit cards? 96% fraud rate. Stimulus package? 0 shovel ready jobs. A paperweight on a certain generals desk in the Pentagon that cost $500? Same exact one is available at your local $1 store. The borders? The shipping ports? There isn't even a railway anti terrorism policy in place once the train has left the station. None.
The financial arm of the economy is not only not protected from terrorism but the regulations and regulatory practices actually invite terrorist activity to cause the nation to collapse financially. The financial collapse in 08? Not just a few fat cats trying to get richer.
TSA getting it right 5% of the time truly, though sadly, is a step in the correct direction.

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I have a childhood friend who "was" a member of the Seal's Red Team and airport security was one of the things he worked on. This problem isn't new by any stretch. After a few months we won't hear much, then next year it will start all over again. My friend claims it's really worse than it sounds.

The problem is that the government not only does a poor job on many fronts, they never really fix anything either.

If airport security was being run by private companies you would need to open all the doors to make room for all the heads rolling out.