trying to unroot & go back to stock...


Jan 26, 2010
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Hi, I've been doing the whole rooted thing... its been fun. But I've had an issue with my camera and gallery for a while, and its finally annoyed me enough to get drastic. I'm either going to go completely out the box stock and it fixes my camera issue & I re-root, or I get back to OTB stock & my cameras still screwy and I do a warranty replacement. Either way I'm having issues finding a bone stock (preferably 2.1 if I can do that). I'm thinking if I can find that, un root with easy root, then use recovery to install the stock update. Am I all wrong with this? I don't have a computer, so I've gotta do it all on the droid in question. Rom manager wouldn't do it either, it gave me errors when it tried to install any of the provided stock roms. Sry if this is in the wrong place, I'm too frustrated to think clearly right now
You can use DMUpdater to go to bone stock 2.2
Ok, got dmupdater 12. On start it says it needs to update recovery image. Click I understand, then it asks if I'm really really sure, it'll probly break recovery mode... should I continue?
Yes.....that's just a thing they put in there to cover their butts. I've used it a few times.
Thought so, just recovery mode is all I got if anything goes wrong.... here we go...
Mtd read error @ 0x########### repeated a lot... tried it twice, what now?
When you go stock with dmupdater it will put the stocl recovery on as well. Just an fyi.
Awesome, I won't delete it this time. But what can I do about this error? It won't let me do anything with the app but back out and fail again
Not sure.......did you use rom manager and clockwork recovery before?
Use rom manager.. free version will let you download stock roms. Install rom manager, in rm flash to clockwork recovery, in rm go download rom, stock roms, pick one, wait for it to download, rm will ask you if it can reboot and flash, click yes, wait, phone is formated and back to stock.

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I already tried the rom manager method you just described. I tried both the stock roms in the free version. They gave me errors once installing in clockwork recovery. And yea, I've been using rom manager and clockwork since I rooted a month or so ago.
If neither ways are working your best bet is a .sbf flash.
Sbf flash as in using a computer? I'm reading your sig guide and I hope I'm missunderstanding