unroot to stock w/o a comp


Jan 26, 2010
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Hi, I'm trying to go back to bone stock, out the box droid... without a computer. I'm having problems with both rom manager and dmupdater too. I'm running a wiped clean SS 4.7, SD card is wiped too. How can I procede? I've been thinking just find a 2.1 update.zip, but all the links I can find are broken. I just wanna unroot with easy root, then install stock 2.1 in recovery, restart, then do a factory reset... will this even work? Thanks for any help
Free version of rom manager should have stock images
I got it by now, dmupdater 12 & sprecovery let me flash to 2.0.1 completely stock. I did a factory wipe, rooted, did a backup, let the ota run... big mistake, i hadnt seen any of the stuff about losing root and such. Now i def need a computer to reroot, but @ least its working good... for stock