Trouble connecting dualshock 4 to android


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Dec 8, 2016
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Hey guys, I wanted to try an old dualshock 4 controller on my phone but I'm having trouble connecting it.

I've deleted it off my ps4 so it can no longer connect to that.
I've put the controller onto flashing search mode (I know I'm super technical with my lingo).
I've put my phone's bluetooth on and searched for new devices
Found "wireless controller" and clicked on it.
On my phone it's paired and it's also gone into my pair section. I've even renamed it.

However on my controller it is still looking for a device and flashing and I can't get it to connect to the phone.

Also when I click on the controllers profile on the 'press any key on the keyboard to reconnect' which I assume is the controller and I've pressed all the buttons and it doesn't connect.

Any help is welcome.
Thanks for your time.
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