1. R

    T-Mobile Update

    Great my wifi won't connect. Anyone else having this issue? Or know how to fix it?
  2. W

    Trouble connecting dualshock 4 to android

    Hey guys, I wanted to try an old dualshock 4 controller on my phone but I'm having trouble connecting it. I've deleted it off my ps4 so it can no longer connect to that. I've put the controller onto flashing search mode (I know I'm super technical with my lingo). I've put my phone's bluetooth...
  3. xsylus

    Lollipop Not Auto Re-Connecting to WIFI

    I'm using a Sony Xperia Z3 and when I go into my front yard it tends to get out of range of my wireless router so it switched to LTE mobile data. It's not a big deal however when I come back into my house it detects the wireless network but just sits there saying "scanning" instead of...
  4. RyansGirl101302

    Bluetooth Connect Issue

    So I am a runner and I have a Fitbit and a Garmin GPS watch. Both sync seamlessly to apps so that I can track my fitness. HOWEVER for some reason my Note 5 will NOT connect to these devices. I can't figure it out! (I also have connect issues with my GMC Acadia) Help!!!