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Dec 17, 2010
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The following review was initially posted on Amazon and a copy of it is also located at the sister web site Droid X Forums. So if you've seen this before it's just a repeat. I posted this here because not all Android users will see the Droid X Forum review as this is a review of the Droid X case. However, Trident does make cases for the following Android smartphones: HTC Evo 4G, HTC Incredible, HTC myTouch 4G, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Fascinate and Samsung Vibrant. Currently the only Trident Kraken case being offered for Motorola is for the Droid X only. There are no LG cases offered at the present time. In any event, I do believe that the review presented here will just about compliment any of the other Kraken models that Trident offers whether it be HTC or Samsung. They all have the same design and have a similar appearance. Therefore I believe that this review can be fairly applied to any of the Trident Kraken models. Now on to the review.

I don't know how these cases always seem to slip under the radar but Trident makes a fantastic product! Of course brands like Otterbox and Seidio grab all the attention as Trident is a fairly new company. Trident simply hasn't had as much exposure--not yet anyway. Bare in mind, this may add some "bulk" to an already large phone but it's not something that greatly detracts from the overall aesthetics and functionality of the phone or case. It is without a doubt as good a case as you'll ever find. The quality is top shelf. The ports are snug and secure. The headphone jack, hdmi/power ports, camera lens, flash, speaker and mics are all well fitted and protected. Features are very accessible and work well. Volume rocker, power/lock switch, camera/shutter button as well as the menu/home/return/search buttons are all fully functioning and feature good ergonomic design. Yes, it will attract some lint but I must stress that it is very well made with quality materials.

This case would be comparable to the Otterbox Defender or Seidio Rugged series of cases. It consists of an inner polycarbonate shell complete with screen protector followed by an outer silicone shell or skin. If you're familiar with these, you probably have some idea about the size, weight and feel that the Trident Kraken will have. As mentioned earlier, yes this will attract some degree of lint/dust and so on but all cases with an outer silicone design will do that. One thing worth mentioning of particular note. You will find it a little more difficult to swipe the notification bar at the top of the screen due to the outer lip of the polycarbonate shell. The same holds true when moving icons (apps) back and forth between screens. This slight inconvenience is found on other phones as well and may take a while to become accustomed to. It's big, rugged, well made and looks great.

I'd also like to add that these cases come in several different colors as well. The silicone outer shell remains black but the inner polycarbonate shell comes in a choice of red, blue, yellow, green and of course, black. A color choice is a nice option as well. Color can really accent and highlight this device. I regret not getting "Android" green! It really makes the Droid X a more visually appealing device. A real head turner for sure as opposed to the other more drab styles offered by competitors.

Trident also offers what are called "mySkins". This is the outer silicone layer only and comes in a choice of nine different colors. This allows for even more customized color variations.

If you want something smooth, shiny and slick, look elsewhere. However, if you're in the market for a stylish, durable case that can offer the best protection available, look no further than the Trident Kraken case for the Droid X. I highly recommend them!

To find out more check out the Trident Case website on the link provided below.

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Thanks and good luck in your quest for the case that best suits you and your Android smartphone!


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Oct 29, 2009
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Here is a video review for this product.


With my posting this, it does not mean I am recommending this product. I AM NOT. I prefer my X Naked. I am only trying to present more information on this item.