Droid X Naztech Vertex dual layer case - Review


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Mar 8, 2011
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Naztech Vertex Review

I just switched from a Trident Kraken to a Naztech Vertex case. The Kraken is definitely built like a truck, but unfortunately it also looked like you stuffed a truck in your pocket. The durability of the Kraken was top notch. I'd frisbee my phone onto the concrete just to show my friends how sturdy it was. I went with the Vertex mainly because of the hard shell cover and it's sleekness. After it's put together on the phone, it's no bigger than the Body Glove 2-piece case. The feel of the silicone surrounds gives a nice secure grip to the phone, while the hard case backing is smooth and allows for easy pocket access. The material is such that it does not draw any pocket lint or dust to it. The buttons are very flexible and doesn't take away from the use of the phone at all. The silicone is also thick enough to where the phone seems protected, but thin enough to allow all headphone jacks I've tried on it thus far. (I had a tough time getting many 90* headphone jacks to plug in through the Kraken without the use of the 3.5mm extension). I'm happy with it so far, but I do have to say that the screen protector that was included in the package was by far the worst in "ease of installation." Other than that, the product is awesome.