Thoughts on BUILT-IN Screen Protectors!


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Nov 29, 2010
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Cleveland Ohio
I have a DX. I did post this same thread on DroidXForums but I know this site gets a lot more traffic and non-X owners may still have some good insight on the matter!

I did a search for "built-in screen protectors" and all I could find were threads that listed if a case HAS one, but very little feedback on what people LIKE or DO NOT LIKE about having it built-into the case. Also, I read various reviews online and watched Youtube reviews... but again, very little was said on the screen protectors.

I know there are a couple well-known manufacturers that have cases with this feature (Otterbox and Trident), and I know those are both very popular cases because of the protection they offer. From what I can gather, the Trident offers a replacement screen protector, or you can remove it and pair with your own screen protector as necessary. Can the Otterbox screen be easily removed as well?

So my questions/concerns are:

1) Quality and durability of protector in protecting the screen (also, I know some people leave on their original screen protector too, do you find this necessary)

2) "Scratch-proofedness" of protector itself (not a word, but you get it... I can't stand a bunch of teeny tiny scratches on the protector, altho I know better that than the actual phone!)

3) Touch sensitivity and "contact of protector" (for obvious reasons)

4) Fingerprint/smudge resistance (not a huge deal, but nice to know)

5) Retention with frequent removal of case (does the protector warp if you take the case off and put it back on all the time?)

6) Feel of the protector (I like a very smooth "glass-like feel" which is what I like about some regular protectors, I don't like the "pebbled" feel some of them have)

Thanks for reading this. As I said, I searched and I didn't really see anything applicable to these specific topics, just reviews of the case as a whole. Of course, if there is info out there and I missed it, please feel free to link me to it. Otherwise, any thoughts you can offer would be a big help! The cases both look awesome, but it's this screen protector issue that has me stopped dead in my tracks.


Mar 10, 2011
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Bump; I just ordered a Defender and I'm curious about this as well, coming from a Blackberry (with a keyboard--not a Storm).


Jan 31, 2011
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I recently purchased the Trident Cyclops for the Droid X. Since it just came out and I only had it for a week, I can't really tell you how well it prevents scratches on the surface.

The screen protector is smooth to the touch and seems to be pretty resistant to fingerprint smudges. Barely had to clean it because of fingerprint smudges unlike other screen protectors I've had in the past. Even with another screen protector on the phone itself (covers and fits the entire glass perfectly with no bubbles so I couldn't bear to peel it off) the touch is responsive all the way to the edges of the screen. Tested this with a paint app. Did notice with the screen turned off that there is a grid of little almost imperceptible grid of dots. Maybe part of the smudge/glare prevention?

The silicon ring that wraps around the edges of the case at first attracts a lot of dust but after handling it for a week that has gone away. Took off the optional protector for the camera lens because it was affecting picture quality. Tried scanning a barcode for an app and it wouldn't register until I ripped the thing off. May cut up an extra screen protector to fit instead.

Side note, the Cyclops case fits perfectly in the Seidio Rugged Holster for those interested in that.

Edit: Just took off my case today and saw there was a scratch on the back of my battery door. Looked inside the bottom case and saw there is a stamped marking on there that is sticking out that matches the exact size and position of the scratch on my phone. Just wanted to warn anybody out there who may have purchased or have the case already.
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