Tricky email account problem...


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Jan 10, 2010
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So on my wifes HTC Droid eris she first set up her email account (primary) and password to an email she no longer uses or wants updates from (she wants it completely gone). It was a gmail account and since she has added a new email (gmail) which works fine, no problems there.

I have tried these methods with no luck.....the account doesnt show on the list...but she still gets emails from the account to her phone...:icon_eek:.

home-mail-selected unwanted account......Delete account (now no sign of account but still getting emails)
confused......thanks in advance for the help!!
Some new info...

about to get some new info out of my wife.

The ONLY time she ever entered this email was when she first set up her android marketplace app! Therefore it is attached to the market....
check this this mean it cant be changed??? THANKS!
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