Transferring Files To Nexus

I had extra time today, started to do a full backup of the internal storage and after a bit it stopped working and the PC could no longer "see" the files in the phone.

7 gigs transferred before it stopped.

I am under doctors orders to stay quiet and thus haven't had time to troubleshoot the issue.

When I subsequently tried to transfer an old Nandroid backup to my netbook with wifi explorer, it took forever and I gave up for now.

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I am having a similar issue as well. I'll start by telling you my phone is unlocked and rooted but I'm running the ClockWork factory image. Today I connected my GNex to my PC via USB running Win7 for the purpose of moving some old photos from my OG Droid to the new phone. Was on camera mode to access files and went to DCIM. First tried to create a new folder using my PC. Created it but couldn't rename it. Had my SD card inserted in my computer and tried to drag and drop photos but continually got errors forcing me to cancel and one of those pop-up errors on my phone about android process media stopping. Searched error in xda and it said to clear data from Media Storage app but got the same error when opening it in settings but eventually it worked(moving photos didn't work I am referring to clearing the data). Gave up on manually manipulating files using the USB and used the Samba app to do everything I wanted using wi-fi however I don't think I should have to. Any thoughts?
Warning, though minor warming, if you clear data in Media Storage you will lose all your ringtone and notification settings.

Since reading about clearing Media Storage, I have twice cleared this to allow the PC to see the files on the phone.

This morning I tried to copy my Nandroid backups to a hard drive. After six or so backups, the transfer stopped. I cleared Media Storage, rebooted, the phone, and then was able to finish backing up the rest of of the phone.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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Enable USB debugging. This made both of our Nexus phone go from slow to very fast. Using my Win7 laptop I can transfer 6GB in a few minutes using a cheap Rim cord I bought on Amazon.