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Dec 10, 2011
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Can anybody explain to me whats going on with thy3ory? I've only ben flashing for a month or so and my bionic boxs has worked
3 times or mabye 4. I accidently deleted my GB TPAX and
ICSBR3D and i can't find them to save my life granted im not the best at searching the web. I've also
ben trying to flash the BLURR3D and the universal powerboost script but all the links have ben removed along with the mirrors.
I've donated roughly $60 to different places and still don't have access to anything that i could before donating. I heard the
PowerBoost scripts have ben removed bc of people complaining to the developer bc they didn't read the instructions or it was above there
skill level. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I Am willing and want to donate. Where can i find the TPAXS for KIN3TX. When i go to it takes me to godaddy and i can't figure out what to do from there. I am a noobe so please forgive me if im askin stupid questions?
I found a couple on rootzwiki

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