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Aug 22, 2011
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Ok to start off im not trying to b an ass but I've got many un answered threads on these forums maybe everyone is busy but that's what I thought forums were for us advice n help.... ne I've been looking everywhere for download link to powerboost for droidx but the only one I find takes me to a site I have to register with n I get no where same with v6 n 3g supercharge I have jakebite mod n I do su enter then modcentral enter n its not on the list can sum 1 please help thanks to all

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go to for latest powerboost, but i think v6 and 3g supercharger script mods were removed at the request of the devs who developed them, if you google v6 supercharger you will get a link to XDA and you can download it there with instructions on how to use it

a bit of advice for future reference, try not to start a bunch of threads asking the same question, as it can get confusing for you and those trying to help, just bump it if no one replies

there will always be someone to help it may just take a while
also if you run power boost make sure you reflash whatever ROM you are running to remove jakebites mods from system