Touch screen not responsive at all

So........I figured out how to perform the hard reset.......still no luck, phone is still frozen to all touchscren inputs.
Along the same lines as this, if you do a hard reset (in hopes of fixing your screen issues) do you lose all your free apps?
I just took my 'frozen touchscreen' into Verizon today. The tech did a hard reset, and yes, it wipes the apps and contacts. I saved my contacts to the uSD so I think I'm good there. We'll see in a couple of days when the new Droid gets here. The hard reset did NOT work in my case. I originally powered down and tried to power up. For the first handful of tries, the screen was completely black, although I think it was just very very faint. It does have the brightness back, but won't take any touchscreen inputs still. Took off the protector, nada. Battery good, uSD good. Droid not so good. Sucks.
So, did you have to use the insurance to have it replaced or did they just replace it?
I don't think the Droid has been out for more than a year and it comes with a one year warranty with Motorola so at the very least he should be able to get a replacement/repair via Motorola.
Verizon is replacing it. I really did think I'd have to pay something, but I guess 2-3 days with out the phone is payment on my plan. No questions asked about it. That was good, just hope it's the last time with this problem.

I'm an electronics engineer, and my company makes memory for Moto and others, so I know the ins and outs of this stuff. It's still amazing to me that they pack that much crap into one of these star trek communicators and they work. Well, most of the time they work. Good luck with yours.

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