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Nov 18, 2010
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Hello! Thank you for looking at this... I am a long-time Droid user and have been able to figure out or trouble shoot every question I've ever had with help of this Forum or an internet search... however, this one I can't figure out...

I have a Galaxy S7 Edge
I use ChompSMS app for texting
I use GoLauncher as well

I think this is going to be a GoLauncher issue based on the fact that it began upon an update to that particular app. Here goes...

I get a notification on my home or lock screen everytime I receive a text message. In fact I get dual notifications. (See Attached Photo)

As far as I can tell ALL notifications (system, Chomp, etc.) are off. I have to manually clear or acknowledge the notifications (pressing the 'button' with the notification) before I can proceed to read or do anything with the phone. Any ideas? Thank you in advance! Randy


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Hmmm I'm not familiar with either app... Have you restarted the phone after clearing both apps?

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