1. Tony_Stark

    This One Has Me Stumped - SMS Notifications

    Hello! Thank you for looking at this... I am a long-time Droid user and have been able to figure out or trouble shoot every question I've ever had with help of this Forum or an internet search... however, this one I can't figure out... I have a Galaxy S7 Edge I use ChompSMS app for texting I...
  2. G

    lock screen notifications not working?

    in settings i have "show all lock screen notification content" selected but i don't see anything when i pick up the Pixel xl and tilt the phone upward to reveal the notifications on the lock screen. ambient display is on What could be causing this problem? Could it be the wallpapers settings...
  3. M

    Missing Notifications

    I have an Android LG G2 phone, running 5.0.2, and about a month ago, I noticed that notifications from certain apps (e.g. Words With Friends, UPS, DailyArt, Amazon Seller Central, Dictionary Word Of The Day) have not been displayed for a while. Other notifications, including systems ones...
  4. DroidModderX

    Smartphone Notifications Cause ADHD like Symptoms?

    Can a tree that falls when no one is around make a sound? Can a phone booth phone ring without being answered? Can a smartphone notify without you checking it? My wife just about loses it every time my phone receives a notification. She is always worried that I may have just been notified that...
  5. DroidModderX

    MockUP Screenshots Of Android N Surface!

    We are solidly past Mobile World Congress. Some of you are already receiving devices announced there. There are still a few major devices to be announced, but from companies some of you may no longer care about. For you the next version of Android is the big excitement. We won't officially see...
  6. FoxKat

    Solved Without warning, no notifications from Facebook Messenger anymore

    I am no longer getting the notifications, not sound or vibrate, yet they are turned on. I've rebooted but that hasn't solved the problem. I haven't reinstalled Messenger but will try that I suppose. Any ideas? Droid Turbo