Can't get the "droid" to stop on sms


Jan 4, 2010
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Hi all, I've had my droid for a couple weeks now, overall I love it. One thing has been bugging me though and I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix it. When I get a text, I have it set to vibrate on notifications and that works fine. I also have it set to a particular notification tone and that works fine too, but it also for some reason it's also using the "droid" tone as well when I receive a text as well.

Ive tried turning off all notifications, auto retrieve, and I still get the "droid" tone when I get a text. I also had installed chompSMS and of course that said to disable tones for the default messaging app to avoid a conflict and too many notification; which I did but still the "droid" tone come one with each text.

Any ideas?

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