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Nov 19, 2011
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So I've finally decided to get the Rezound, and I have a couple questions about third party accessories. I want to get this (HTC 2750mAh Extended Battery & Door for HTC Rezound) extended battery, then get this (Extended Battery Hard Rubber Cases for HTC Rezound) case. Can anyone speak to the quality of these two things, or recommend other options (I'd prefer to have a card case to a rubber case, but I haven't been able to find anything else for the extended battery).

The battery is 1st party. I have one, it rocks. 24+ hours with moderate usage(what I call moderate usage). 200+ texts, lots of audio streaming(3+ hours) maybe 30 minutes of video, facebook updates and gmail. All while running on 4G all day.
The extended battery is long lasting after a full charge and a full drain. I got like 36 hours out of mine with some moderate usage. I text, stream videos on youtube and surf the web, get tons of MMS from my brother, etc. definitely the battery for those seeking major battery life.

Also another site for 3rd part accessories: - An Online Encyclopedia for HTC Users
How much thicker is the Rezound with the extended battery? Noticeably? Also, are there any suggestions for a case that can compensate for the battery?
The extended battery does add some bulk, but not that much that it isn't doable. It's actually contoured right for the palm of your hand.

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