Otterbox defender or Laza Zcell case?

Now I don't know which to buy, defender or diztronics.

I can buy both for $32 and free shipping.

Both the defender and diztronics arrived. The diztronics arrived first. It is not as soft and squeezable like a soft silicone case. It does squeeze a little on the sides which gives me confidence I have a firm grip while jogging or walking. it is also pretty simple to remove should I have a need to pull out the battery.

The defender's advantage is good screen protection and a belt hook. For the extended battery one plastic piece is left off. The soft cover part barely fits and takes a little work to get it on. instructions are pretty useless, so I watched an instructional internet video. It is certainly more work to put on, and take it off to pull the battery. It is a complex well thought through design providing best protection and can be used with standard or extended battery.

For now I am using the diztronics case.
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