Thinking about getting a Razr Maxx, couple questions.


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Jul 27, 2010
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Hello, I currently have an HTC Thunderbolt. I've only had it for about 5 months now, but the battery is absolutely horrible so I'm thinking about upgrading and the Droid Razr Maxx looks very appealing. The claimed battery life on this thing looks amazing. A friend of mine has the Droid Razr and I like his, I'm assuming the Maxx is about the same except I'm guessing it's as thick as the hump at the top of the Droid Razr all the way down the phone to accomodate the thicker battery.

I had a few questions about the Razr Maxx for people that already have them.

First, on the battery. I see the thread about bad battery life here. Is this a common problem or is the battery life on this phone generally as good as they claim?

Two, rooting. I use my phone for tethering a lot so rooting is a necessity for me. Can the Droid Razr Maxx be rooted with the same root method in the Droid Razr forum? If not, is there a way to root it?

Three, gps locking. How long from a cold start does it take to get a GPS lock on average? That is another complaint of mine about the htc thunderbolt, it can take over a minute sometimes to get a gps lock. This is highly annoying when trying to get directions.

Finally, custom roms. This isn't as big of a deal as long as I can root, but are there custom roms that work on the Maxx yet?

I appreciate anyones time to answer :)
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I'm one with the "bad battery life" although I'd say it's not the battery itself. It's the processor that's running apps continusly that's a constant drain, that may only be 20% of the units maybe much more maybe much less. But there has to be
A lot of tweaking to avoid this. I'm giving it one more night but probably sending it back. They're not carrying it in stores but specifically on ORDER ONLY for some reason. I'd rather not waste my upgrade on a possible glitchy phone when I can get a promising upcoming phone or wait to see if fixes for Maxx occurr or just try another one at later date.
I can only speak to battery life and gps. Battery is incredible, however it still has limits. There is nothing I have seen that comes even close. I used GPS today for first time and it locked in maybe 5 seconds from when I hit navigate. I used Google Maps.
Battery life and GPS is perfect for me! I do feel service and it last me all day for work and then some! Word of caution though, no charger required! ;)
I was one of the battery life thread people.... here are my thoughts.... phones are like people... they're all going to respond to their own thing. IMHO anyway. My phone apparently wanted to be turned off for a few hours... cause its a rock star now.... unplugged since 5:30am ( early for a musician to get up huh?) And I have 70% battery life. I didn't plug it in at rehearsal and its going strong.

Install juice defender too it helps. Love the MAXX...can't beat it

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